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Are you getting married soon? Have you thought about how you're going to get around on your big day? A limo is a great way to get you and your wedding party to and from pictures, the church and to the reception in style.

Top reasons to rent a limo:
  • You can all travel together. What a great way to make the day more memorable!
  • No one's dress gets wrinkled. Let's face it: warm weather, big dresses and cramped quarters are a recipe for a mess, especially when you are taking photos! A limo has enough room to make sure everyone (and their stuff) has a spot.
  • You have somewhere to keep your things.  With all the traveling you'll do on the big day (to the salon, ceremony spot, photos and reception), it's easy to lose things or misplace them. 
  • You can enjoy a drink, or two. Or three..... hey, it's a celebration!
  • We worry about the traffic, so you don't have to.  The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is traffic.
  • We get you there on time. Our drivers know alternate routes, and even alternate to the alternate routes. 
  • It looks great in photos. Nothing adds a little something extra to your photos than a limousine. 
  • Because it's fun!Need we say more? 

Is size really important??

If you are considering renting a limousine for an important or special event, the one thing you simply cannot do is get a limo that is too small.  It might be tempting to try to save some money by renting a limousine that is smaller in size, but you could end up regretting that decision if your friends are not comfortable during the ride.

There are all sizes of limousines available from the small two-to-four passenger sedans that are ideal for airport transport to the extra-large party buses that can hold as many as thirty people. You need to carefully consider your needs before you decide which vehicle to rent for your event.  The last thing you want is to reserve a limo too small for your group and personal belongings (coolers, flowers, bags, food).

To start with, determine how many people you are going to invite. This is a critical number.  You don't want to under-estimate this number.  If anything, over-estimate the number by a couple just to make sure there is enough room for last minute additions and personal items.  The rule of thumb in choosing a limo is that you should always estimate a vehicle will seat two fewer people than the recommended limit.  The industry standard is 16 inches per person.

Finally, you should visit the limo company and make your selection in person.  This will allow you to see the actual car and determine if it fits your needs.

How to reserve your date: A $300 deposit and signed contract are needed to hold your date and vehicle.

Driver Gratuity: If this is your first time renting a limo, this can be a tough question to answer without prior knowledge. A chauffeur depends on tips much like a waiter.  If the service is excellent and the chauffeur went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect, 20-25% would be considered an average tip.

Will my chauffeur smoke during my reservation: NO...NO... and NO... At Land Force One, our chauffeurs are non smoking along with all of our vehicles.

How to determine my rental start and end time: The reservation start time is based on the time we're scheduled to arrive at the first pick up and ends when we drop off at the final destination. If we're traveling to Dayton, Columbus, Lexington or Louisville (for example) there may be an additional travel time charge. Please call for a detailed quote if traveling outside the greater Cincinnati area.